Rules & Regulations – Lawrence County Recovery Driver Intervention Program

During your time in the Lawrence County Recovery Driver Intervention Program, adherence to the following rules and regulations is mandatory:

– Attendance: You are required to attend all scheduled activities, including classes, group sessions, and meals, punctually.

– Prohibited Items: Alcoholic beverages and items containing alcohol are strictly forbidden. Additionally, cell phones, laptops, radios, iPods, iPads, tablets, or any other electronic devices are not permitted during program hours. Personal electronic devices must remain in your room, while reading materials such as magazines, newspapers, books, or literature are allowed during breaks.

– Personal Calls and Emails: You will have a one-hour lunch break on Friday and Saturday, during which you may return to your room to handle personal phone calls and emails. Please note that there will be no availability of phones and emails on Sunday.

– Premises Boundaries: Participants must remain in the residential area of the hotel at all times throughout the 72-hour program. Leaving the hotel premises at any time during the program will result in immediate discharge.

– Medication: Prescription and over-the-counter medication must be in its original container with a clearly legible label. Pill organizers are not permitted. Bring only enough medication to last for the 72-hour weekend program. Medication will be distributed at designated times per medication label instructions.

– Visitors: Visitors are not permitted during the program. However, pre-packaged items brought to you during the program will be left at the main hotel desk for inspection and delivery by a DIP staff member. Only pre-packaged food may be brought into the program.

– Restricted Areas: Certain areas of the hotel, including the Bar, Exercise Room, Restaurant, Pool, Computer Room, and Game Room, are off-limits during the weekend.

– Entertainment: Television channels in the rooms are limited to regular cable channels only. Pay-to-view or DVD rentals are not allowed. Likewise, gambling activities or devices are strictly prohibited.

– Room Service and Food Orders: No room service or ordering of food will be permitted during the weekend.

– Smoking Policy: All hotel sites are non-smoking buildings. A designated smoking area is provided for cigarette smokers. If you smoke, ensure you bring enough cigarettes for three days, with packs remaining unopened. Smoking in your room incurs a $150.00 hotel charge.

– Overnight Stay: Participants are required to remain in their hotel rooms from key pick-up time (approximately 10:00 p.m. each evening) until 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Leaving the room during this time will result in dismissal.

– Completion Requirements: You must complete the entire 72-hour driver intervention program. Leaving the premises for any reason will necessitate a return to complete the program at a future date, in compliance with state regulations.

– Disruptive Behavior: Disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from the program after one warning.

– Reporting: Any dismissal from the program will be reported to the referring court or agency, along with the reason for dismissal.

– Sexual or Violent Offenders: We reserve the right to deny entry into the DIP program if the participant has a history of sexual or violent offense(s).

To register for our Driver Intervention Program (DIP), please create an account through our Patient Portal. Under “Online Forms”, select “Driver’s Intervention Program (DIP) Registration Form”. 

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding these rules and regulations, please contact our office prior to the program at (740) 646-6640 or email us at We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all participants.